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New Jersey Farmers Cooperative Call for & Farmers, Artists & Artisans

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

The New Jersey Farmers Cooperative is extending an invitation to local artists, artisans, and farmers for very low-cost leases of studio space, farmland, and vendor space at our headquarters, the 68-acre LeGates Farm & Market.

Be a part of our journey as we restore this historic 100 year old farm and create an inclusive agritourism experience and artisan village. Our goal is to support local artists and artisans by creating studio space and vendor space where they can show and sell their wares to the public while making them a part of the creative process during fun and festive studio tours during the weekend.

Farmers can help connect our underserved South Jersey community back to the land by leasing acreage to grow produce that they can sell direct to the public at LeGates Farm Market. This is a great, low-cost opportunity for people wanting to give farming a try!

LeGates Farm & Market is located in a highly-trafficked high-visibility area with tens of thousands of year-round residents with a ten-mile radius and that number swells exponentially in the summer months giving our farmers, artisans and artists exceptional exposure for their art, artisan and agricultural products.

If you are interested in participating in the NJFC's inclusive agritourism experience and artisan villageLeGates Farm Market please email director at

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