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We Believe

We believe that New Jersey's farming communities are some of what's best about New Jersey. Our mission is to help NJ farmers, artists and artisans survive and thrive through shared use of resources, education, and cooperative marketing. Farmers, Artists and Artisans are the makers that enrich our lives and our communities, but at the same time, they are often the most financially vulnerable. It’s our goal to increase profitability and lower the financial bar for entry into farming and small business.

We also believe that historic preservation is farmland preservation.  By restoring historic homes and giving them new life, we save acres of farmland from becoming new housing and using precious resources. Preserve the good. Now more than ever our New Jersey Farmers, Artists & Artisans need our help.

The New Jersey Farmers Cooperative (NJFC) is creating a regional network of farmers, artists, and artisans in underserved communities in South Jersey and beyond to make our community more economically viable, save farmland by preserving historic properties, and reinvigorate our community as a whole by making farming and small business more accessible to people of color, women, and youth. 


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Passionate about farming and historic preservation. Creative entrepreneur whose innovative vision has energized the hospitality industry at the Jersey Shore. Owner of Willow Creek Winery and Farm.

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Marketing & Outreach

A graduate of Mount Holyoke College, and former publisher of the Angelika Filmbill in NYC, she has over 25 years experience in design, marketing and publishing and loves to educate and inspire others about how to succeed in their businesses through the use of online communication tools.

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Farmer Education

Rutgers educated, our farm and vineyard manager educates farmers in best growing, design, and production methods. Francisco has over 25 years of agricultural management, farm design, planting, tilling, grafting, spraying, vineyard and orchard design, growing techniques, and pest/pesticide management.

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Outreach & Education

His infatuation with winemaking began as a young boy making wine in the cellar of his Italian immigrant grandfather. Now, with over 30 years in the business, he has consulted for some of the world's finest vineyards including, Chateau Lafitte Vineyard in France and Mondavi Vineyards in

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Historic Preservation

Vitally interested in the preservation of historic structures since boyhood, Ned now serves on several boards including the Cape May Point Historic Preservation Committee.