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The New Jersey Farmers Cooperative 



To provide the community with opportunities for agriculture, economic development, historic preservation and education in strengthening the foundation of the diverse culture of our community.


Economic Development

We believe that New Jersey's farming communities are some of what's best about New Jersey. Farming, food, music and art are at the heart of our culture and our communities.  More importantly, it's the people involved.  These people are often the most financially vulnerable. It’s our goal to increase profitability and lower the financial bar for small business and the arts.

Historic Preservation

Historic preservation is land preservation.  It's as simple as that.   By restoring historic homes and adding to the preservation of the past, we conserve land.  Historic preservation is a big part of the movement to save open space, through the preservation of existing homes.  We work to "preserve the good" and saving diminishing land resources. See our Case Study.


Education & Outreach

The NJ Farmers Cooperative will be offering educational workshops focusing on health & wellness, nutrition, farming, business planning, employment skills and more.  We are creating a network of guest speakers and community members to share their experience and knowledge to promote culture and help our communities thrive. 



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