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The New Jersey Farmers Cooperative is creating a regional network of farmers, artists, and artisans in underserved communities in South Jersey and beyond to make our community more economically viable, save farmland by preserving historic properties, and reinvigorate our community as a whole by making farming and small business more accessible to people of color, women, and youth. In the future, the NJFC plans on providing the following: 

  • Small business incubator facility COMING SOON @ LeGates

  • Mentoring programs partnering with a variety of experts 

  • Farm Apprenticeships/Internships

  • Farmacy: a health and wellness focus on nutrition and holistic well-being

  • Learn from Our Educational Seminars

  • Access to Plots in our Community Teaching Garden

  • Network With Other Farmers, Artists, and Artisans

  • Discounted Studio & Vendor Fees for Farmers Market & Festivals

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