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Help the NJ Farmers Cooperative Save the Farmland NJ has Left!

In 1920, New Jersey had 2.3 million acres of farmland. Now, only 0.8 million acres remain. A 67% loss! Help the New Jersey Farmers Cooperative save what we've got left.

We have always been interested in helping other farmers and in historic preservation. Inspired by the devastation the pandemic has heaped on our local farms and businesses, this year we decided to formalize our charitable outreach and combine these two passions into one non-profit-- the New Jersey Farmers Cooperative.

We believe that New Jersey farms are some of what's best about New Jersey. Not only do the Garden State's 10,300 farms provide the blueberries, tomatoes, eggs, honey, milk, meats, and other foods you'll find at your grocery store or farm stand, but agricultural land also provides crucial wildlife habitat and can even absorb and store carbon dioxide combatting climate change. In fact, an acre of corn can absorb 8 tons of carbon dioxide! But New Jersey farms are in jeopardy. And it's up to us to help. From producing farm-fresh meals for needy families to providing education and outreach to women, people of color, and youth who had formerly not seen farming as a profitable occupation to supporting local artists, our mission is to help New Jersey farmers survive and thrive! Click here to learn more about the New Jersey Farmers Cooperative.

We also believe that historic preservation is farmland preservation. By restoring historic homes and giving them new life, we save acres of farmland from becoming new housing and using precious resources. Preserve the good. Now more than ever, New Jersey's farmers need your help. In a normal year, only 41% of farmers turn a profit. This year, the losses will be staggering. If you are in a position to help, we ask that you make a tax-deductible donation to our cause at year's end. Help us make 2021 a better year for New Jersey's farmers! Gratefully,

Barbara Bray Wilde Willow Creek Farm & Winery Director, New Jersey Farmers Cooperative

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